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A Better Way Ministries, Inc. is a faith-based residential recovery program for men.
Our micro-enterprises help sustain the 125-bed center and create job skills to promote a healthy life and better community.

Men's Center

Residents learn how to find hope and the answers they need, and in the process, discover self-discipline and spiritual awareness. Graduates of the 18-month program are equipped to be productive citizens who have learned how to face the challenges of the world.

Resource Center

We are planning to build a dynamic, multi-purpose outreach and resource center on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard in the Westside community. We will offer an open door to adolescents and adults needing immediate support. The facility will provide on-site addiction severity evaluation, peer and life coaching, and referrals to licensed counseling and recovery care programs both locally and regionally.

Workforce Development

We offer a variety of vocational opportunities such as terrazzo flooring, tile & masonry, horticulture, specialty woodwork, and retail merchandising. These job skills enable students to develop self-esteem and work ethic, helping to sustain their recovery and families in the future.


Our sustainable businesses include one of the area’s largest moving companies, a thrift store, specialty flooring service, and custom furniture shop. Our wood shop makes handcrafted furniture and accessories, primarily from reclaimed wood. Our popular family style tables are featured in Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country