ATLANTA | Visions & Goals

Help to build a community resource facility in an area known as the “Bluffs” on Atlanta’s Westside. This facility will serve as a local center for:

  • Immediate help for those who need health and human services, specifically addiction care for adolescents, men, women, and women with children.
  • Assessment of addiction severity and recovery needs.
  • Referral to local and regional affiliates who have the resources for recovery care.
  • Remote tele-med, peer, and licensed or certified counseling services.
  • A variety of life, career, and workforce training.

Opportunities to bolster existing and develop new centers and programs locally, regionally, and globally; reaching those who need help in our backyard, across the bridge, and around the world.

Provide support services, training, and sustainable programs, which will improve the quality of life and promote community transformation.

Equip the leaders of tomorrow to be contributing members of society, engaging the world through leadership development, regardless of their address.


Resource/Referral – To have central locations and immediate resources for those in need of urgent assistance.

Recovery – Our individually tailored programs range from 12- 18 months, depending on the pressing needs of our students.

Relationships – Developing healthy relationships within a community and establishing boundaries for the future helps individuals reintegrate, which is paramount to living recovered for life. This includes restoring relationships with those who have been hurt or damaged by addictive behaviors.

Reintegration – From the entry phase of the program, students learn practical life and job skills, which assist with their reintegration into society after graduation. In many cases, technical or trade education, or post-secondary educational degrees are obtained.


New Centers and Affiliate Resources – We are developing programs and centers in areas of unequitable access to health care and hope. These areas are in desperate need of resources to help people find a better way to live.

Develop Leaders – We focus on leadership development. Our graduates become equipped to be productive members of their community with leadership skills to run businesses or centers, and lead their households.

Sustainability – We provide cost effective, sustainable businesses to support our affiliates. Each year we fund micro-enterprises that are culturally relevant, provide income for our centers, student scholarships, job skills, and a work ethic for the students.

Measuring Our Success – We foster change through our next generation mobile health platform and digital network that measures recovery success and personal growth. It provides connectivity that ensures long-term recovery through a social media app, and delivers peer coaching and licensed counseling.

Women with Children – We provide a holistic environment for mothers and children to grow and heal in a nurturing environment.


>$14 Million


New Initiatives > $7.325 million
  • Establish greater access for those with needs
  • A local outreach, resource, referral, counseling, and community service center in the Bluffs
  • Secure additional property in the Greater Atlanta area for transitional housing • Adolescent Wilderness Camp – North Georgia region
  • Expansion of the Griffin Boys Academy
  • A Regional 90-Day Women’s treatment care program/facility
  • Expansion of the Regional Adolescent Girls Academy
  • Additional centers and programs (30 over the next year around the world in 7 regions)


Leadership Development > $1.875 million
  • Develop students into the leaders of tomorrow
  • Equip leaders with the knowledge and skill set to be productive, contributing citizens
  • Assist with implementing licensed counseling, peer coaching
  • Computers/technology for curriculum delivery, instruction, and assessments
  • Curriculum development and purchase
  • Training more than 10,000 individuals
  • Learning Management System (LMS) implementation
  • Translation Services – books, LMS, and online curriculum
  • Workforce development – certified peer coaches, counselors
  • Certified trade skills


Sustainability Projects > $1 million
  • Replace outdated/aging equipment
  • Professional certifications and training
  • One large-scale operation
  • 15 micro-enterprises


Digital Care Platform > $ 3.5 million
  • Software development of an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of real-world evidence
  • Sober Peer development, implementation, and pilot programs of Social App
  • Establish a digital care system with tele-delivery services


Women with Children > $250,000
  • Assisting centers to develop protocols and curriculum
  • Development of staff and training
  • Funding for global representative to increase opportunities for new centers